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Access and edit your code from anywhere using Pocket Dev web UI or mobile applications.

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Guest Access Includes:

Secure FTP
100% Free
Local Backups
Ultd Bandwidth
No Bookmarks
Ad Free
  • Web Based FTP Client and Text Editor

    Pocket Dev provides the capabilities of a desktop FTP client and text editor. Connect to servers, browse files and make edits using a familiar process.

    Why Choose Pocket Dev

    • No Setup Required. Plug and play.
    • Syntax Highlighting for Over 100 Languages
    • Desktop Hotkeys (Keyboard Support)
    • Supports up to 4 Million Lines of Code
    • Your Favorite Notepad++ Features
    • Access Your Code Anywhere

    Pocket Dev Helps to Replace
    • Replacement for Notepadd++
    • Replaces FileZilla, WinSCP.

    Mobile FTP Editor

    Take your work on the go with you using Pocket Dev cloud based (s)FTP editor. Access your servers worldwide with the fastest cloud based FTP client and code editor available for mobile devices. Simply connect to the internet and access and edit your files whenever you need to.

    You will be able to access and edit your files online and on the go when you have secure internet connection. Pocket Dev is both fast and reliable and can be used cross platform to manage your FTP, sFTP needs on mobile devices.

    Easy to use - with Pocket Dev’s user friendly design, finding and accessing your files on your mobile device is quick and intuitive.

    Cross Platform Coding - Pocket Dev runs Android and IOS as well as linux, microsoft and any other custom OS you may have running on your mobile device.

    Compatible with 100 Languages - as well as accessing your many filetypes so you can download or edit them directly with Pocket Dev. We help you easily make changes to CSS, HTML, PHP and JS codes as well as many others.

    Using 256-bit encryption Pocket Dev ensures the security of your files while proviing a digital work environment where you can book mark and access your servers seamlessly across any mobile device or work station.

  • About Pocket Dev

    Created to provide an environment which is accessible seamlessly across devices, Pocket Dev provides you with the ability to code everywhere. Perfect for making quick changes or for bringing your work with you while traveling.

    Cloud Code Text Editor

    Built to help you code in over 100 languages, Pocket Dev offers a standard code editor experience with features such as syntax highlighting, line numbers and hotkey support. Our cloud editor works to streamline and deliver the most efficiency increases for the current device.

    Cloud FTP File Manager

    Connect and bookmark your frequently accessed servers to make them accessible across devices within your secure account. When connected, you will be able to browse, edit and rename files on your FTP server using your mobile device or web UI. Pocket Dev provides all of the capabilities you would expect from a desktop FTP client, accessible through the cloud.

  • Pocket Dev FAQ

Guest Access Includes

Secure FTP
100% Free
Local Backups
Ultd Bandwidth
No Bookmarks
Ad Free
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